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Post by Djinn on Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:06 am

1. Our current JKA server is hosted on the east coast in Canada, the host name is through Caelum and he has really great servers for a pretty cheap price. They are quick to respond, helpful, friendly and provide good protection which sometimes is needed in this game.
To buy your own server, website or even just find support go here; JKA.io

2. JKA is lucky enough to have a website that still hold all our downloads on it, its very useful for questions, concerns any tech help you might need and just JKA discussion in general. Go register and find what you need with the guys at JKhub here; JKHub

3. Our small community is also lucky enough to have its own Discord chat, it's called the JKCommunity. You can find them here; JKC

4. Our server has CHANGED to an edited version of JAPro. We would like to thank Loda and the UPS clan for the help.

If you want on our sponsorship page, contact Djinn or message on of the Council members.

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