Updates to the Server

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Updates to the Server

Post by Djinn on Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:16 pm

We are now running, what i like to call JAPro 2.0, this is a more clan friendly version of JAPro.
Also, our server can now be connected directly to at: supreme.jk3.in

Updates to the JAPro Mod for our server;
- Regular FFA is going to be No Force, MP Damages Saber & Melee
- Regular Saber duels will switch to SP Damages
- When you request someone to Full Force duel, then all your force powers will be unlocked.
- ''Spiderman'' Grapple, beware of Fall Damage.
- You can now Merc Duel, register to join the clan ladder ingame, and join race mode for other little goodies.


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