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Ranking System

Post by Djinn on Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:53 am

This is just a brief rundown of the current ranking system.
There are two divisions in the clan, Sky & Space. These have no bearing on what you do and virtually are only there to add a competitive nature. The only difference are the ranks you will go through.

Administration Ranks;

High Council- There are only 4 members of the Council at a time, these members are elected and can only be chosen from certain ranks.
Grand Master & Lord- These are leaders of their respective divisions, approved trainers, and most likely next in line if a spot on the Council opens up. There can only be one each at a time.
Master & Elite- Highest rank achieved through promotions in the clan, they are primarily responsible for training members in the clan and preparing to be the next leaders of their divisions. Are also eligible for Council if the need arises.

Core Ranks;

Guardian & Weaver- These people should start learning how to train others, preparing for their Master & Elite trials.
Knight & Sentinel- They have passed the beginning trials, and should start training with the masters in the clan.
Apprentice & Disciple
Initiates- A trial phase to make it into the clan.

How promotions work;
There is no time limit on when someone can rank up or make it past the trial phase.

Initiates- Administration ranks will vote and decide on when you make it into the clan, once you do, you decide which division you take and get your official rank.

Core Ranks- This will depend on the leader of your division, they will decide when you are ready for most rank ups, in some rare cases the council can vote on it and trial as needed. Trials for all core ranks are simple duels and some other tests, depending on the person to determine if you have made improvement or are deserving of the promotion.

Master & Elite- There are specific trials prepared for the promotions to these ranks, they are mostly kept secret and are taken seriously. Division leaders can recommend promotions to these ranks, but only the Council can approve.

All other ranks higher than Master & Elite must be voted on by the Council.

Asking for promotions or being impatient with the process is not recommended.


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